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Client Profile

A look at who we serve

The Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre develops yearly reports that offer a summary of its client profile.

  Client profile of those served by the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre in 2013.


Family / Living Environment

  • 62% reported weekly alcohol use in the home;
  • 49% reported weekly drug use in the home;
  • 85% reported having runaway and/or been homeless.

Substance Use

  • 80% reported starting using substances prior to their 15th birthday;
  • 90% perceived their substance use as a problem;
  • 98% perceived the need for treatment;
  • 19% required withdrawal management services prior to admission to residential treatment;
  • 83% reported a desire for abstinence OR to reduce their substance use by 80% or more;
  • 98% reported using substances AT LEAST weekly, including: marijuana (78%), alcohol (57%), heroin/other opioids (32%), crack/cocaine (26%), tobacco (91%) and other substances (47%).

Mental Health

  • 98% suffer from a co-occurring mental health condition, including: major depression (89%), conduct disorder (84%), traumatic stress disorder (78%), ADD/HD (70%), and generalized anxiety (57%).
  • 72% reported self-harming behaviors or suicide attempt in the past year.

Legal Issues

  • 73% reported involvement in the criminal justice system;
  • 40% reported current involvement.

High Risk Behaviours in the past 90 days

  • 22% used needles to inject substances;
  • 69% had unprotected sex.

Academic Problems

  • 45% had been suspended and/or expelled from school in the past year.