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Why a new centre

Our new centre will increase our capacity and help us to turn around more young lives every year.

Our new Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre will fully integrate all campuses, all staff and all treatment programs to one central location on a 25-acre lot adjacent to our existing Carp campus for girls. It will help stretch precious operating funds and provide much-needed economies of scale for treatment delivery and care management. Unlike the three buildings currently used, it will be designed and built specifically as a residential treatment facility for youth. It will be a warm and welcoming home for youth who dream of escaping a downward spiral getting a fresh start. It will be a place where lives are reclaimed and families heal.

An all-new Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre will also:

Help more youth

More beds will treat more youth and reduce wait times

Heal families

Visitation rooms will promote greater family involvement

Reduce staff travel

Allow more time for helping our youth heal 

Help youth heal

Private bedrooms will allow for dealing with emotional or physical struggles 

Encourage Expression

Fitness and outdoor sports areas will enable youth to get fit & healthy

Encourage Expression

An art room will allow youth to express themselves through painting & drawing