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History of our centre

Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre

Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre has always been a champion for at-risk youth, delivering the best care and making a difference in their lives and the lives of their families.

This is a mission we hold close to our hearts and one we accomplish with pride. The difference made in the lives of the youth we serve by the staff, volunteers, donors and community at large cannot simply be measured in dollars and cents but in the young lives rescued, fractured families reunited and personal potential reaffirmed.

In all things, as we continue to strive to be better and provide the best care possible for youth and their families, we continue looking ahead to the future. We ask you to join all of us at the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre Foundation as we embark on an incredible journey to build a new home for the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre.

Our youth, their families and our community deserve no less than the best we can give them. Help us make our dream and the dream of so many a reality whose time has come.