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Corporate support for programs and scholarships

Support comes to us in so many ways.  Some support is best suited for the many programs we fund, others for our clients who want to pursue post-secondary education but don’t have the resources.  Below are a few of the corporate  contributions we received over 2017.

Program Support – Telus

Thnx to Telus, we are able to continue our Nurse Practitioner program that started in 2015.  This program is best in class, and offers:

  • A comprehensive and holistic service to youth
  • Beneficial to clients Support and assessment, weight monitoring, blood work, prescription writing and dosage monitoring, smoking cessation implementation and oversight, sexual health, First Aid, health education, mental health support, etc.
  • Many youth present as physically unwell and we need to support them; need to treat the whole person: emotional, psychological and physical
  • Supports staff and psychiatrist (prescription meds)
  • Saves money by keeping them out of Ers, reduces harms associated with illness and disease
    Since the program started we have served over ____ clients, and have kept _____ out of the ER and saved _____ trips to seek medical attention.

Scholarship Support – Villanova Dental Studio

The owners of Villanova Dental Studio, Dr. Ami Barakat and his wife, Anne, are local business people who wanted to help our youth by offering the gift of 2 scholarships, a hers and his of sorts. Dr. Barakat is pictured here with Dave Smith, awarding this year’s male recipient, Hunter Knight, with his scholarship – the smile on his face tells it all; he has a generous heart. Thank you Villanova Dental Studio, Dr. Barakat and Mrs. Barakat for your kindness and generosity!

Scholarship Support – Encon




We are blessed to count ENCON as one of our biggest supporters, not just at Christmas with stockings for our youth, but throughout the year ENCON always steps up.


When we reached out to Kathleen France, Senior Administrative Assistant and Co-Chair of ENCON’s Charitable Giving Committee, she replied  with the following message “The committee has voted to sponsor all of the scholarship candidates.”   When I followed up with her, I asked her why they chose to put their support behind our youth and their academic pursuits.  This is what she told us: “ENCON elected to support local charities with a desire to help kids in crisis.  Today’s youth are our future, it is of utmost importance that they receive the support needed to foster their wellbeing. The scholarships will offer these youth an opportunity to enhance their education and confidence levels so they may lead healthy productive lives within our community. On behalf of my colleagues, ENCON is proud and pleased to offer this opportunity because someday, others may depend on these individuals for support.