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I ain’t no chicken…

While I was at the DSYTC, I had a hard time adjusting to things. I was used to having a lot of things with me that I wasn’t allowed to have anymore… one of those things being, my purse. Although we were allowed a purse when we went out, we were not when it came to carrying things to and from our rooms. When I was asked to help break down boxes one day, it was there that I found my chicken box. It was very helpful to carry my books and other personal items in to groups and school.

I encouraged the other girls to use them, and while most of the girls and counsellors thought my chicken box idea was ridiculous and hilarious, I found it helpful. Also, the ‘chicken’ at the time, represented people saying I was too chicken to go to rehab and get clean so in my mind I wanted that box so bad because I knew I wasn’t chicken … rather I had strength and guts to stay and get clean… so the chicken box was a way for me to lock my ‘chicken’ uncertainty away where it would stay along with my past drug using life. So, the chicken box meant two things to me; it was something to carry my stuff and to let other stuff go.

When I was at the DSYTC, I was the only girl who consistently used my chicken box – it’s heartwarming to hear that my ‘chicken box’ has become legendary, and the other girls use them now. I hope they all find it as helpful as I did.