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In times past, armor had nothing more than a practical function, to add protection to the body. Metal plates were the standard, being the only thing that could defend the body effectively from bullets and other objects. This was especially important during war time, when the enemy had the advantage of being able to shoot down any soldier on the battlefield, because there wasn’t any protection for the main body. Modern soldiers have different needs than in the past, when their bodies were not as protected against bullets. Modern soldiers now fight not only from what they are forced to face on a battlefield, but also from what they are required to wear on them.

As technology advanced, the requirements for protective armor were upgraded as well. Advances in engineering led to the development of soft armor, which offered a much less restrictive form of protection than hard plates. With the addition of Kevlar and carbon fiber to the market, newtech soldiers received new armor that offered the same protection against the most common bullet, yet had a much more lightweight form than hard armor. New technologies, like the Kevlar plate, improved the protective capability of protective clothing.

Plate carriers are a very important part of any soldier’s gear, because their ability to transport ammunition and other items makes them indispensable in modern battle. They are also very useful in making sure that soldiers have the items they need during long operations out of the field. Modern soldiers, both military and civilian, have a number of different vests for various purposes. Some are specifically for close protection against handguns, while others are more geared towards bullet proof vests. The types of protective vest available today make it possible for anyone to get the protection they need for themselves and their comrades.