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The most common form of soft armor is a Kevlar vest, which is very lightweight and highly effective at reducing trauma. The material is comprised of ballistic panels made of woven or nonwoven fibers, which disperse and slow the bullets. Unlike hard body armor, which is primarily made of steel, a bullet-resistant armor vest can be penetrated by high-velocity rifle rounds. Nevertheless, if you are considering purchasing a protective vest for your protection, you should read this article thoroughly.

Another popular type of soft armor is a woven vest. This type of vest is much more flexible than laminated vests, but the additional weight and thickness of woven material means that it is a little heavier. Some manufacturers have even replaced Kevlar with a different material, which is Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology. Although woven armor is heavier, it is much more comfortable than conventional hard body armor.

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The most common type of soft body armor is made of strong woven fibers. These fibers are sewn into clothing or vests. One of the most common fibers used to make these protective gears is Kevlar. It is light and durable and has five times the strength of steel fiber. Another man-made fiber is Vectran, which is composed of a liquid-crystalline polymer. Both materials are extremely durable and are rated as ballistic protection against high-caliber rifle rounds.