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The TACTOP PLATE CARRIER is a unique and highly effective way to carry a plate set. It is an arm band with four shoulder straps that is fully lined with a durable plastic sleeve that can withstand high temperatures and pressures. This armor also includes soft armor and air vents to keep the contents cool. The tactop plate carrier has a lifetime warranty and has been used by many law enforcement agencies and special forces units.

The TACTOP PLATE CARRIER comes with different-sized snaps. Its double stitching adds durability. It has a D-ring to attach lanyards and accessories. It has a buckle at the upper back to ensure comfort. People without back or chest muscles can easily wear the body armor with this carrier. And the price is very affordable. The TACTOP PLATE CARRIER is a high-quality piece of equipment that will make your job safer. Also check:

One of the best things about this plate carrier is its all-day comfort. The skeletonized waistband provides a comfortable fit, and the yoke shoulder pads distribute the weight evenly across the shoulders. Moreover, the TacTec’s GrabDrag handle allows you to drag the plate carrier to safety if you need to. If you are an active duty officer, you can use this carrier. It is a great option for you if you want to be comfortable and safe in any situation.